Ep 31 – The 83 Day Death of Hisashi Ouchi Part 1

Where is the Line?

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Irradiated chromosomes taken from Ouchi’s bone marrow

On September 30th, 1999 a 35 year old man named Hisashi Ouchi was working at the JCO Tokaimura Plant in Tokaimura, Japan. On this day, he’d been asked to forgo his normal daily responsibilities and assist with a project being conducted at a nearby experimental nuclear reactor. Shortly after work began a coworker screamed, “Run for your lives!”. Ouchi darted from the room and found himself inside a changing area. There, he began vomiting and soon lost consciousness. Over the following months, almost everyone who came into contact with Ouchi would, in their own time, come to wish that he’d never awoken from his collapse. But he did wake up…

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Street Meet

See my weeks between tree peened streets. Clerks pretend green sheet fees mend the fleet. Peers cheer when beers mend the feels, then delete. Creeps three deep, seek helpless sheep. Yell help, then sweep the feet. Let the street meet your teeth. Kneel here, reel, bleed. Wet lenses weep eye seeds. Need meds, needles, send … Continue reading Street Meet

When It’s Time

When It’s Time The machine I ride sits on two wheels The danger it brings has an alluring appeal   The sobering smells, feelings, and sights The gas, oil, and blinding lights.   The pipes cough as I begin to crawl The cars, vans, and trucks so tall   The road screams at me from … Continue reading When It’s Time

The Pasture of Fools

The Pasture of Fools In a place where nothing that glitters is gold. People treated as machines and tools. Treated kindly until you are considered too old. Discarded when your expiration is due. The seeds are planted and the new crop is ready for harvest. Watch out old timer, you just became a target. Outperformed, … Continue reading The Pasture of Fools


Mary, Mary, quite contrary, I had to snatch her from the tavern. I imagined her body preserved, not rotting, revealing such lovely patterns. You see, before this time I committed crimes, but didn’t hunt my prey. They simply rested, no screams contested, laying lifeless in their graves. Some old, all cold, and others have mold, … Continue reading Eddy

Rays of Light

You have words when I cannot speak. Help me find my strength when all I know is weak. Having you eases my pain and soothes my soul. You bring sunshine when all I see are skies black as coal. The calm when I become a storm. The mender when my emotions become so torn. Cheer … Continue reading Rays of Light


I exist in an ocean more vast than my eyes can see. I know myself to be strong and imperfect. The freedom of the open waters also serve to be a liquid prison. An angel that grants life. An executioner that revokes it. A beast that never tires. However, I still manage to float. When … Continue reading Driftwood

Life’s Current

Life has a funny way of working out. The number of possibilities and encounters are as unpredictable as the waves of the open ocean. If you're lucky and drift in open water long enough you may discover a beautiful island. I've found myself drifting through the ocean of life, at times with no direction. No … Continue reading Life’s Current

Labyrinth of Fog

During a time of darkness and stagnation I pleaded with my own soul. I searched for an answer to clear the air so I may breathe. I need to relieve the stress caused by choking on hopelessness. I could not find the way on my own. This toxic fog was so thick that I couldn't … Continue reading Labyrinth of Fog